… Continue reading "Unit 10 - Arizona" Most of the antelope habitat is on state and private land. Also, check us out on Instagram and Facebook. Very important - if you're planning on scouting a lot and hunting a particular buck or two then don't apply for a rifle tag - archery and muzzle loader hunters will get first crack at your buck. I often wonder if anyone really reads them. Over the last 15 years we have guided several successful Desert and Rocky ram hunts. Among the big-game animals that call the desert home are deer, elk, black bears, buffalo, bighorn sheep, antelope, and turkeys. Many units in Arizona offer the chance to take a record-book antelope. Some of the state's top game include: Elk and Antelope. Dial 800-755-8247 or click here to email . ARIZONA ANTELOPE FOUNDATION Our mission is to increase pronghorn populations in Arizona through habitat improvements, habitat acquisition, the translocation of animals to historic range, and public comment on activities affecting pronghorn and their habitat. He was bedded watching his 4 does in the middle of a large open plain area with really no surrounding cover for us to stalk in. Antelope are scattered throughout the central and southern portions of this unit. Antelope Eaters Hunt. Facebook Instagram Arizona archery Antelope hunts occur the last half of Aug through the first week of Sept. Fully Guided Archery Antelope. 4. The unit just north of Prescott, formerly known as 19B, is permanently closed to the public as of this Antelope season. TIMBERLAND OUTFITTERS Arizona hunting at it's finest! We will help you with your application strategy and put you on the path to a successful antelope hunt. (928) 699-8840 If you'd like to see more awesome hunting videos and stories from our recent trips, check out our hunting blog! Elk, mule deer, and pronghorn are three iconic species among the big-game animals hunters pursue throughout the western United States. 928-533-1903. Founder, Co-owner. Jan 28, 2014. E-mail: [email protected] Cell: 928-821-1192. Marco Firriolo. This follows the same model that our bear … Trophy Antelope Hunts in Arizona Arizona has the best antelope hunting in the world and is the top producer for record class pronghorn. Arizona Antelope Hunts We love finding big Arizona antelope bucks for our clients, and we're proud to say that our average antelope buck harvested is above the 82-inch Boone and Crockett minimum! There is a park north of Casner called Antelope Park, but I haven't spent much time there. We offer the services of completing and submitting your application for you each year. Arizona Bull Elk hunting Outfitter, Mule Deer Hunting, Mountain Lion hunting, Antelope and Black Bear Hunts., Paulden, Arizona United States, 86334 Only show this user. This means that OTC tags will remain available but that each unit will have a set harvest quota. Hunting is allowed year-round in Arizona, although you should take care to obtain the proper licenses and permits. Antelope densities fluctuate from year-to-year based on climatic conditions and the amount of predation exerted upon the herd by the plentiful number of coyotes. This change was made to let hunters know earlier if they have been drawn for these two popular big game animals. Unit 10 - Arizona Species Information Antelope Overview: If you want to hunt a record-book antelope, this is the place. Call Anthony today at 928-978-4943. This outfitter & guide has many years experience with "ALL" hunting weapons/seasons.. This is a true story that happened to me on September 8, 2010 at 7:15 am in Unit 10 Arizona. We encourage all tag-holders to attend one or both of these options to maximize your opportunity for success. By Chuck Smock. We've been hunting Arizona since 1977 and guiding in Arizona since 1987. Send Text. Arizona Antelope Hunts Gallery - See what it's like to have a hunt with us AZ 2015 state wide auction tag Instead, the Arizona draw plays a major factor for most people. Now don't let your opportunity go to waste. We will help you with your application strategy and put you on the path to a successful antelope hunt. !You've drawn what is seemingly the most difficult tag to draw in Arizona. 19B was the highest area of choice, and has caused problems . An Arizona Unit Map displaying color-coded high, medium, and low summer and winter concentration areas for antelope. Arizona Antelope Hunting Outfitter ALL Arizona Antelope tags are DRAW tags through an open application period through the State of Arizona Game and Fish Department. Arizona's diverse hunting options include larger game such as elk, as well as smaller game and waterfowl. Arizona Unit 4B Antelope - Rifle Hunt. Your hunt will be a memorable, enjoyable experience. DONATE Unit 5B - Arizona Species Information Antelope Overview: Antelope can be found in just about any open grassland area of Unit 5B and many areas that are sparsely to moderately forested. GUEST AUTHOR: Andrew Gillett Beginning in 2023 AZ will transition to a harvest threshold model of OTC archery deer. Unit 17B: Private land is in abundance these days and it always seems to grow where the big antelope live. Welcome to the new age! I'm mainly concerned with accessibility (public vs. private land issues). Antelope- Congratulations!! These graceful prairie dwellers have binocular vision and can reach speeds of more . A software engineer by trade, Steve is responsible for the long term product development and day-to-day . The Arizona Antelope Foundation hosts an Annual in-person hunter clinic and an online education clinic. 436 yards with a 6.5 PRC and it was all over. If you want to hunt public land in Arizona, I can help you find the joy of hunting. Antelope hunts, which are already scarce in drawings, are now being spread thin through out Arizona, with the closing of this unit. I have applied for an Antelope tag in Arizona unit 10 exclusively for the last 35 years, had accumulated 22 bonus points. The Cowboy State has more pronghorns than residents, and 50 percent of the state is in public ownership. We are a family run business hunting and guiding on over 19,000,000 acres of private and public land in Arizona, New Mexico, Colorado and Sonora, Mexico. We've guided 104 hunters in Arizona on draw tags for pronghorn and killed 81 bucks over 82-inches B&C. 2010 was the lucky year, I had finally been drawn. #15. jordanrw23 said: My son, wife, and myself were fortunate enough to draw out MT party hunt tags and my son was able to tag out on opening day for his first goat. Shadow Valley Outfitters has been fortunate to harvest trophy caliber bucks with residents and non residents using Archery, Muzzleloader, and Rifle equipment. Raging Bull Outfitters is a family owned and operated outfitting and guide service located in the heart of Arizona's premier hunting habitat. On this particular hunt we spend a great deal of time glassing, trying to locate the buck of your choice. Arizona's hunting is on a lottery basis for Elk, Deer, Antelope, Spring Bear, and Javelina hunts. Arizona has a nationwide reputation for antelope hunting. Arizona Antelope tags are considered one of the most coveted hunts in the not only the state but also the entire southwest because of Arizona's high quality management of the species. 928-533-1903. Arizona. Over-the-counter archery tags are available as well for Deer. Focus your efforts on Bureau of Land . These hunts are in states that we have applied to the lottery and have been lucky enough to draw a permit. We hunt them all so give us a call! Arizona Antelope hunt permits are obtained through a lottery draw and are usually very hard to draw. This is my first antelope hunt ever. Arizona's antelopes have longer horns because the mild winters enable them to live longer lives. Guiding Arizona Big Game Hunts Since 2002. Unit 10, Arizona. An Arizona hunting license is required for all hunts. Jeff enjoys this hunt of a lifetime with HPO and his dad Merlynn. After a closed season from 1944 to 1948, pronghorn hunting in Arizona recommenced in 1949. #1. Hunts were liberalized gradually, until 1954 when 1,600 permits were issued and 1,146 bucks were taken. Rifle - October 9 to November 7. These permits can be tough to draw, but not impossible. This big game animal . The first-place honor goes to Wyoming, and here's a spoiler: Wyoming is also the best state for a firearm hunt. Home Content INSIDER Application Strategies APPLICATION STRATEGY 2021: Arizona Antelope. Beginning in 2007, the Department for the first time held a separate draw for antelope and elk. When that quota is reached the unit will be closed. Remember big game elk is not the only game in the state, harvesting a trophy mule deer, coues deer, black bear, antelope, or bighorn sheep will not leave you disappointed. Our most productive method of hunting these unique animals is Spot and Stock. The all inclusive caribou hunts are all that is left. Tomahawk Outfitters conducts our antelope hunts on approximately 30,000 acres of privately owned grass lands which provides exceptional trophy antelope hunting. After countless hours watching the hunt unfold from a treestand, he discovered a passion for calling elk and all other pursuits of the mountain west. This was my 2nd year in the draw for an Arizona Antelope Hunt and I got really lucky, two times! As one of the most coveted big game tags in the state, drawing a AZ antelope tag can take many years of applying through the state AZGFD bonus point lottery system. Arizona Small Game Species - Arizona is recognized for its abundant small game species. It is also a great introduction to western big-game hunting as it tends to be highly successful and affordable. When you're one of the lucky Arizona antelope tag holders, Antler Canyon Outfitters will do everything to make sure that you have the ultimate hunt. Arizona Big Game Hunting 2021. It's been a couple months since I did a blog. Click Here to see the Arizona Antelope GMU Reference Map Whether it's a rifle elk hunt, muzzleloader deer hunt, archery antelope or a handgun javelina, we can tailor your hunt to get that trophy. It is no secret that Arizona pronghorn antelope are managed for older-age-class bucks with good genetics. Call today to speak with a consultant regarding the 2022 Arizona elk and antelope draws. Arizona Antelope Hunts Arizona has proven to produce some of the best trophy antelope. Unit 19B closes Antelope hunting. In total, there have been 3,859 entries into the all time records book, 33% of those coming from Wyoming, 18% from New Mexico, 10% from Arizona and 8% from Nevada. Arizona Big Game Hunting Outfitters Guided Hunting Trips for Elk, Mule Deer, Antelope, Pronghorn Antelope, Mountain Lion, Black Bear, Javelina and Predator Calling. Specializing in trophy Rocky Mountain Elk, Coues Deer, Mule Deer, Antelope, Javelina, Black Bear, Mountain Lion, & Predator hunts in the heart of Arizona Raging Point Outfitters is located just below the Mogollon Rim-a 7,000-foot, 200-mile-long playground for all serious Predator & Big Game trophy hunters in Northern Arizona. hunt arizona, new mexico, colorado & sonora, mexico Diamond Outfitters is North America's largest & most respected full-time, Veteran-owned full service outfitter. Scouting and heavy-duty glassing are the methods to find big bucks. Choosing where to hunt can be daunting, but here are the best places to hunt pronghorn antelope in our opinion. Arizona Antelope Hunting Pronghorn are found through the state but the quality of these bucks are located in the northern & eastern part of the state. Book Now. We've killed some over the mythical 90" mark too, including a 93"+ GIANT! Announcement: The 2020 event has not been scheduled. Despite the issuance of a number of doe pronghorn permits between 1961 and 1975, this level of harvest has never again been equaled. In fact, I only found two 170-class bucks with the biggest one a 29" wide in the high 180's. I … 928-533-1903. Thanks. We have harvested several Boone & Crockett caliber bucks in multiple units across Arizona. We guide in the following units including A/B subunits and east/west subunits for . Arizona Pronghorn Antelope Hunting Arizona has always been one of the best states in the West to find an 82"+ buck if you could beat the odds to draw one of the tags, but those types of bucks are becoming more and more rare. Please be respectful and obey all signs. Arizona boasts species like world class trophy elk, antelope, bighorn sheep, Coues deer and of course mule deer. Fully Guided Rifle Antelope. Arizona Big Game Hunting - There are opportunities to hunt Antelope, Bighorn Sheep, Black Bear, Buffalo, Javelina, Turkey, Mountain Lion, Mule Deer, Elk, and White-tailed Deer. At least it's all public land for the most part. Arizona Antelope Hunting › Are you looking to hunt Bighorn Sheep, Black Bear or Mountain Lion? Arizona Hunting Resources Come to Arizona to hunt trophy class antelope and experience the hunt of a lifetime! Draw an Arizona antelope. The printed regulations should be available by mail the first week of January. Antelope Hunts A3 Trophy Hunts has been harvesting trophy antelope since our inception. Had an awesome time and a great hunt. Arizona elk hunting, Arizona deer hunting, Arizona antelope hunting, Arizona elk guides, Arizona outfitters, Arizona hunting guide, Shadow Valley Outfitters. Arizona Rifle Antelope Hunt. Our pronghorn herds are managed for quality over quantity. Over 26% of those entries have occurred in the last 10 years. We have a combined hunting experience of 40+ years in Arizona! Bars Hunting Service, LLC, specializes in Arizona fair game chase big game hunting. Real Hunts for Real hunters. Antelope. When you're one of the lucky Arizona antelope tag holders, Antler Canyon Outfitters will do everything to make sure that you have the ultimate hunt. Problem in Arizona with archery hunting antelope is if you get the fall monsoon rains, waterhole hunting is suddenly very difficult. For bowhunters, two states shine as top places for a public-land pronghorn hunt. Trophy bucks range in size from 14″ to 17″. 3. It is one of the few places in the United States with Coues deer. The population is divided between Anderson Mesa and the lower country between the Mesa and I-40 with approximately 2/3 of the population being on … Continue reading "Unit 5B - Arizona"

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