I am thinking that something could be loose at the bottom mount which allows the alternator to wiggle along the armature axis, which might look or sound like a loose belt, but this is throwing darts in the dark. Loose drive belts will result in a car making squealing noise. Also Read: How to Soundproof a Car/ Reduce Road/Wind Noise One of the most common problems of a faulty alternator is a loosened belt. How to Troubleshoot a Noisy Alternator Pulley ... A belt can look perfectly fine, but make noise if it is old. I Lost power steering + engine bay noise started after 2nd gear romp. when the compressor has to go from zero rpms to 1,300 or more, it puts more stress on the belt and it will make noises if it gets loose. A vehicle battery is consistently low on voltage ... Worn-out alternator belts need to be replaced and the new piece fixed right to eliminate the loud grinding noise. Alternator Belt Flapping Alternator Belt, 3YM30 | SailNet Community Will a belt squeal if the belt is too tight or too loose ... When you start it this puts a load on the ALT and this will cause a loose belt … The most noticeable symptom of a bad serpentine belt is that cracks start to occur on the belt. a/c ,alternator belt extremly loose. . - 1991 Toyota Camry If you replaced the alternator belt with a low-quality product, then it might not … If you’re sure that the squealing sound is due to a loose accessory belt, then you may want to take some time to tighten it yourself. The Wheels. You can often see this directly by inspecting the belt. A whining noise while accelerating it can causes by several things, including low levels of steering fluid, the steering pump, a leak in the pump, the alternator, wheel bearings, loose or worn belts, the transmission, and the exhaust. when looking down from front. I'm suspecting that the alternator will likely need replacing, as … It looks like It runs to the crank pulley. The sound is basically like a squealing belt. #1. If you hear this noise and determine that the alternator bracket is loose, you should first inspect the alternator belt. With the motor OFF press down on the top of the belt. Took it back to mechanic, he tightened the belts 2 or 3 times. 4. Before I drop a few hundred dollars at the dealership this morning on a new alternator, I wanted to double-check my problem isn't caused by a bad or loose serpentine belt. An overworking alternator can also produce a whining sound. If the alternator belt is a little bit loose, it can charge the car battery but not … Symptoms of a broken serpentine belt include loud slapping, squealing or knocking noises coming from under the hood. Also, the alternator isnt charging at all. So I know its not the pulley or alternator being bad. Which technician is correct? Whoever diagnose for … So you may notice that the lights inside the car, and the headlights, go dim when you start your car or whenever there's an extra load on your battery. Tips on Tightening an Alternator Belt Step 4 - Apply the Soap If a car has a hydraulic power steering pump, the steering will become stiff. Well i replaced the belt twice. The more you accelerate, the louder the alternator whine will be. Whereas when the overrunning alternator pulley fails it starts to make lots of flapping and chattering accessory belt noise that comes from the front side of the engine when the engine is running. Solution: Often, a loose or missing alternator pivot bolt or adjustment bolt can be the source of the problem. Exhaust Manifold Bolts. Blinking headlights or dimming cabin lights when the car is running indicate … 3.2 Si6 alternator drive pulley loose - warning for i6 owner Wife called me 5 minutes after she left the house "car just made a loud whizzing / whirring noise" no warnings on the dash and after she pulled over the sound had disappeared. Observe and listen to the engine's sound, and if the noise persists despite the lubricant, continue to the next step. Engine Overheating Along with other issues that can be exacerbated by cold weather, the serpentine belt can be directly affected. Turn the vehicle on and apply the r belt dressing onto the affected area while the engine is running. You may hear the alternator belt squeal if the pulley seized, for instance. A loose alternator belt may be the culprit. If the serpentine belt is loose, it often results in various noises coming from your engine. With a loose belt, it doesn’t sit right up against any pullies that are rotating it so noise may occur from the friction. put a new belt on and within 30 miles it had scorched it down some and was loose. A bad pulley can cause slippage or misalignment. If your fan belt breaks or falls off, these components will eventually fail, potentially leading to much bigger issues. The more you accelerate, the louder the alternator whine will be. Because you get sound with the A/C, I am betting the other belts have good tension on them. It sounds like the alternator belt being too loose. Causes of a Bad Alternator. Here's what's happened: Yesterday afternoon, I was driving my 2009 Toyota Avalon with about 70,000 miles (v6 auto - as far as I know, the same powertrain as the V6 Camry). I put dry soap on the belt and it makes no difference. The sound can increase the engine reaches higher RPMs. . A serpentine belt that keeps slipping off the pulley is another symptom of a bad tensioner. A good way to tell if it's the alternator pulley specifically is to listen for whether or not your automobile wails even before you touch the steering wheel. You may also check which belt is the problem by applying a few drops of water on the suspected belt. If the belt or pulley immediately goes silent,... If you remove your drive belts (alternator, power steering and air conditioner belts), and then restart the vehicle, if the noise stops, then spin the pulleys you just removed the belts from, to see which one is making the noise. A knocking noise can be caused by one of several things relating to the alternator. A mid-size luxury crossover SUV, the Volvo XC90 made its debut in 2002 at the Detroit Motor Show. Observe and listen to the engine's sound, and if the noise persists despite the lubricant, continue to the next step. Sometimes, an improperly mounted alternator can produce noises (and battery connection problems) that can lead to failure. A strong squeaky sound will … In this way, the belt keeps your fan, air conditioning, power steering pump, water pump and alternator working. Knocking noise- can occur when a broken belt flap around the engine and comes into contact with other parts. If I tighten the belt to specification (that is being able to twist it 90 degrees when tight) then I get the noise. If we loose it one day in the middle of the ocean all belts have to be removed to re install broken alternator belt. Cars are often heard making this sound, which is more common during cold weather. One of the most common symptoms of a loose or damaged alternator belt is a rattling noise under the hood of the car while the engine is running. I even resorted to tightening and loosening the belt while the car is running - the pitch of the screech doesn't really change, without going too loose. Isnt the alternator not supposed to be that high up? The serpentine belt may make various sounds when it rotates if it is not tight enough or is improperly positioned on the pulleys. The belt is very loose around alternator and component to the left of Alt. Every 7 days or so this starts happening, so I tighten the alternator belt, at which point the steering is smooth and the noise is gone. There was no such sound prior to belt change. Spin the alternator and check for rumbling or restricted spinning. Need a solution fast we are in the middle of our salmon season. A bolt is sliding around near the belt causing rattling noise.. Is the belt a 1 piece serpentine? Without a means to charge the battery you will be stranded when the battery is depleted. Grande Punto 1.3 Multijet 90. The battery-shaped charging system warning light might also come on because the alternator will stop charging the battery. Leaking Vacuum lines. robert mckinney in New Providence, NJ on . Alternator Belt too tight/loose? Bad Alternator Whining Noise; A bad alternator whining noise is the most common and it’s a very high-pitched, annoying sound that will continue while the engine is running. A belt that’s too tight can also put strain on the alternator. Loud Noise Under Hood may be Loose Alternator Pulley Bolt. A very tight belt would put pressure on and damage the parts in the assembly, whereas a loose belt would not allow the parts to run firmly. The sound is basically like a squealing belt. This is especially the case when starting the engine first thing in the morning. When you car sits for a while the battery gets drained and a bad battery will lose it's charge. Any noise that sounds like a squealing, whirling, or chirping might be a sign that the tensioner is weakening. The belt will first be cracked and have frayed edges before snapping. The sound seems to correlate to some vibration that I could see in the serpentine belt when looking down toward the bottom of the car (from the top). Blinking Lights. 2. 12 people reported this problem (1991 Toyota Camry) a/c,alternator belt very loose. It isn't a loud squeal, such as with a loose belt, it's more of a light squealing/grinding sort of sound. Even though it is rare, a faulty spring in the tensioner may cause a back-and-forth motion. By: Sean Well i replaced the belt twice. Whereas when the overrunning alternator pulley fails it starts to make lots of flapping and chattering accessory belt noise that comes from the front side of the engine when the engine is running. If your wheel well will build up ice over time, the strange noises will follow. So I know its not the pulley or alternator being bad. Depending on why it's making the noise (belt could be in the process of shredding), the belt could break while your out driving and then you'll have a certain amount of time to get home/mechanic before … This is the first belt on . Then we took the timing belt covers(top and bottom) off and the noise is still there. If you happen to hear a squealing noise from under the hood, it might be a case of a loose alternator belt, which needs to be tightened. For a DIY task, you will simply require a socket wrench set. The magic word is "constant". This could be caused by different things. Also, a broken bearing may create a knocking sound as it’s jostled around inside the housing. It also indirectly keeps your battery from dying as that is a role of the alternator. Step 3 - Apply the Belt Dressing. Loose Alternator Bolt. An alternator overworks when the voltage regulator instructs the alternator to produce more voltage than is required. It is an indication that the belt is wearing and if not replaced in time, it can cut while you are driving. Malfunctioning belt tensioners can loosen the belt leading to misalignment or, worse yet, the belt sliding off its pulleys. The most obvious sign of a loose drive belt, though, is in its appearance and tension. It sounds like the alternator belt being too loose. I have tried every tension from too tight to too loose to make sure its not the belt. We tried to identify where it was coming from last night, but were a bit confused. I run a boat apx 36 hours a week. Its really annoying after awhile. If you are hearing this sound coming from the front of your car, there is a good chance your alternator belt is loose and needs to be realigned, or the belt is completed damaged and needs to be replaced. Answer (1 of 7): All answers are good, but just to add ~ a loose belt will squeel because it's not able to take the power needed, it's a constant loud sound, especially if the engine is gunned, but not necessarily. The symptoms of a loose serpentine belt include a loud squealing noise when the engine is started or when the steering is turned all the way to one side. If I dont have it that high, the belt makes a ton of noise. Your solutions might not be effective if the belt is too loose. Jan 22, 2013. Squeaking or Grinding Noise. I just replaced the tensioner but unfortunately the noise is still present. The pulley bearings should be ruled out first because loose bearings can also cause such a noise. If you have an automatic belt tensioner, check that for proper operation as well. Jeep Wrangler JLU and JK models that produce a high pitched noise can be attributed to any of the following components: Electronic Throttle Body. However, the most obvious sign of a loose drive belt is its appearance and tension. This warning light does not… If you happen to hear a squealing noise from under the hood, it might be a case of a loose alternator belt, which needs to be tightened. You could also remove the belt and spin all the pulleys to make sure they are moving freely and not making noise. You should never let the problem get to this stage. Also, a loose belt moves around as the engine runs. The solution is to replace a serpentine belt and a belt tensioner. This noise could manifest as a high pitch or whirring noise. If it is then try removing the a/c belt too and see if … I removed the belt and spun all the tensioners, alternator, ac compressor, etc and the only issue was a slight rubbing in the tensioner bearings. Step 4 - Apply the Soap VW alternator pulley noise: A properly functioning overrunning alternator pulley results in a smooth and quick running accessory belt system. A loose drive belt will often be noisy, squeaking a bit, or emitting a high-pitched squeal . The noise is very noticeable upon start up, but gets quieter after the car has been running a while. Symptoms of a broken serpentine belt include loud slapping, squealing or knocking noises coming from under the hood.

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