Some experts claim that Russia was on the road to victory in the Great War but then it was abruptly sabotaged by selfish and cowardly politicians who organized the two revolutions in 1917, and who . The Blog of Jeffrey Evan Brooks: What If the Allies Had ... #9. In many respects, Barbarossa was a stunning success. Let's take a look at the situation in 1941 before the US entered the war. The Germans were faced with an unenviable task in June 1940 if they wanted to take Britain out of the war. Had Germany won the Stalingrad battle then they would have been capable of severing all logistical supplies into the interior of Russia because they controlled the river Volga . GERMANY (W.W. A weak Russia exists but the Soviet Union collapsed when they surrendered to Nazi Germany. But closer to World War II, Russian tanks and artillery won the Khalkin Gol border battle in 1939, while the Red Army's armored blitzkrieg smashed Japan's Manchurian . The first objective of this planned Soviet invasion of Europe was to. The military and strategic benefit to Germany would probably be minimal. Russian submarines would slow down seaborne reinforcements to the Baltics, Holmes said. Russia had its own problems. If anything, it might have hastened Germany's defeat. Germany was beyond Poland, Czechoslovakia, Romania, etc, which were not the natural dominions of Germany, and Stalingrad was already one distant corner, in the military ambitions of Germany, in the Soviet Union. Answer (1 of 45): According to the Russian historian Sokolov, who answered this question in a recent radio broadcast dedicated to the "what-if" questions about WWII, if Hitler had miraculously defeated the USSR, for example if he had decided to drive on Moscow instead of Stalingrad in 1942, defea. It's attacks had failed, but it's troops held the line in France and the Lowlands. Hitler now has time and resources to defeat Russia. Again, they fought off the Germans. Its obvious constituents would have been Britain, the United States and Russia, assuming Britain and Russia had a sufficient degree of independence to pursue such a policy. If Germany won WW1 based on American lack of intervention (France surrenders due to more mutinies and lack of advances, UK makes peace due to practical impossibility to win by this point, Germany lasts long enough to gain Ukrainian grain to where the blockade isn't as effective). It had already had its minor revolution, the uprisings of 1905, leading to political reforms and the creation of a Russian parliament, the Duma. France never had the manpower to occupy enough of Russia to make a difference in the conflict. Would Russia still have become the Soviet Union? Read, more elaboration about it is given here. In any scenario in which the German army takes Stalingrad, the bloody street-to-street combat ensures the Germans will suffer great losses, impacting the effectiveness at which it can continue to carry out its eastern offensive. If before that the German army was invincible, now it was forced to retreat with huge losses of both manpower and equipment. The Russians had the largest sub fleet in the world IIRC - and then there is the bonus of picking up the eastern and western fleets (probably completely intact for the eastern fleet) In one fell swoop they would have narrowed Fishers "3 Powers" philosophy . On August 17, Rennenkampf's forces defeated a German raid at Stallupönen. The German lines had been overstretched if one considers logistics. In actual history, it was completed in June, July of 1945. As history tells us, Operation Overlord was a success as Allied forces managed to breach Hitler's impregnable 'Fortress Europe'. On Tuesday, 6 June 1944, D-day kicked off the Allied operation to liberate Western Europe from Nazi control. Had Germany's Wehrmacht and Luftwaffe not been largely destroyed in Russia, the Normandy D-Day invasion would likely have been pushed into the Channel. The Germans had no forward base in the New World. If the war had ended in 1916, Russia will quite possibly avoid the Russian Revolution and the Russian Civil War. The USSR lost during the battle more than 1 million 200 thousand people who . Russia would then be defeated in two weeks at most and with minimal losses to German troops. As Allied terms for Germany's eastern borders became more apparent, some circles in Germany seriously considered going back to war, at least in the east. Accept one of Stalin's offers for an armistice. As it turned out, Stalin ended up using the nationalism of Ukraine and other Soviet republics to defeat the Germans instead of the other way around which represented a major missed opportunity for Germany that helped ensure they lost the war. The Nazis enslave the 150 million inhabitants of European Russia, annihilate the 11 million European Jews, and ruthlessly pursue a eugenics program of selective breeding of "Nordic stock" and the mass sterilization of "inferiors." Germany's only remaining adversary is the United States. When the German invasion of Russia began in June 1941, Germany could potentially defeat Russia and win the war. Paul von Rennenkampf, Russian general, 1854-1918, commander of the 1st Russian Army during 1914. The results of the battle of Stalingrad. Germany becomes the big swinging dick in Europe for a while. How would the world be different? Subscribe to The Infographics Show : CHAT WITH ME: http:. Allied bombing was one of the key reasons to German loss in the east, but the massive allied bombings started around 1943 - 1944, leaving Germany with about a year before that started to benefit from Russian industrial sector. the only way Germany could have defeated the UK is if the russian question was resolved, diplomatically or militarily. Its initial victories were tremendous. "Even if Germany had defeated France and Russia, it would have had a pretty massive challenge on its hands trying to run the new German-dominated Europe and would have remained significantly . Assuming that . Germany would also have lost an enormous portion of its army (nearly 400,000 soldiers), so they wouldn't be able to stay in Russia for very long. In just the double battle of Vyazma and Bryansk in October 1941, the Russians had 633,000 . Please note: Russia and Japan had a history of recent conflicts. The German lines had been overstretched if one considers logistics. The port of Sevastopol, Crimea, gives Russia a staging area for "anti-access" weapons in the Black Sea . They signed the treaty a few hours before the deadline on June 24, 1919. If France is defeated in 1914, Russia probably makes peace with Germany and Austria-Hungary fairly quickly. Morale rose among the . The USSR lost during the battle more than 1 million 200 thousand people who . Early Successes. To achieve this the major part of German industrial output and R&D had to be focused on strangling the sea lanes. A fascinating speculation on what might have happened for the future of the world if Operation Barbarossa against the Soviet Union had been successful. Within a year, the man himself would be dead and his forces defeated. In speculative literature, the Hypothetical Axis victory in World War II is a common subject in works of alternative history (fiction) and of counterfactual history (non-fiction) which examine public and private life in the lands conquered by the Axis powers — Germany, Japan, and Italy — in the Second World War (1937-1945).. Conflict on the Russian front was one of the main things that kept Germany from conquering Britain in OTL. With minimal improvements, they could have succeeded in holding the line in 1940. It was the single biggest defeat in the history of the German army and the battle took a hefty toll on the Nazi cause. Granted, Germany would have inflicted a severe treaty on the Allies; the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk, signed by Russia and Germany after Russia's defeat, is indicative. Remember that, totally unlike the situation in WW2, in 1945, Germany, in 1917, was military intact and undefeated in Germany. That's why Germany surrendered when it did. German aircraft mauled the Royal Navy in 1941-42, even while supporting the campaign in Russia. GERMANY (W.W. II, 1939-1945) Adolf Hitler planned to create a New Order--a united Europe ruled by Nazis for the benefit of Germany. Russia had been defeated. If Napoleon had secured his supply lines, maintained proper winter equipment, and established winter quarters, he still wouldn't have beaten Russia. Pretty much all of Europe had been invaded and China was under the thumb of Japan. (Germany actually declared war on the USA as a result of Pearl harbor.) German aircraft mauled the Royal Navy in 1941-42, even while supporting the campaign in Russia. The USA would have still boomed in the 1920s, depression in the 1930s, ect. The USSR won over the forces of Nazi Germany, thereby completely seizing the initiative during the war. With the Eastern Front out of the way and France and the UK already bloodied by their initial attacks upon German positions, the odds of Germany successfully getting France and the UK to seek terms prior to US involvement at all become far higher. Answer #1. Russia had been defeated in the Russo-Japanese War of 1904-5, and during its intervention in the Russian Civil War, Japanese troops had advanced all the way to Lake Baikal. During the 'Phony war', the allies had ample time to . As a consequence, the rise of Hitler would have been less likely. Stalin and his henchmen were arrested as traitors and a second Russian Revolution took place to purge the hard-line communists who had lost the war. The British Armed Forces, in particular the eminently powerful Royal Navy, stood guard, a bastion against anyone . The full weight of the Luftwaffe would have been devastating. EmperorTigerstar said: 1. Germany had its own propagandists dreaming of a great victory in Central Europe. What exists today is a pseudo-democratic nation with questionable politics much like we see in the real world. Britain may have been invaded well before June, 1944. The UK would have suffered a rather bad defeat but it is unlikely that the German Empire would be able to inflict a huge defeat on the British Empire. Neither of the two main German powers was strong enough to oppose the French from this time until 1813 and only with heavy Russian support along with a large drop off on the part of the French (Russia, early set backs in Germany). What you're missing is a Russia first policy could potentially allow Germany to knock Russia out of the war relatively quickly. No atomic bomb. 4.8/5 (113 Views . The full weight of the Luftwaffe would have been devastating. The country would have imposed peace on the defeated allies at the treaty of Potsdam, and it would not have had the reparations and grievances that were generally inflicted by France and Versailles. This became painfully obvious to Hitler during the 1941-42 Battle of Moscow, when the Red Army's well-trained and well-equippe. What if Hitler had won World War 2? The stories, novels, and plays of the alternative history genre . WHAT 10 DEFEATED NATIONS PLANNED TO DO HAD THEY WON THE WAR 7. The results of the battle of Stalingrad. What if Poland had yielded the Polish Corridor to Hitler in 1939, without war, and then either (1) Poland let Germany troops occupy all or part of Poland, without war, or (2) the UK had stayed out of any German-Polish war, meaning that Germany in 1939 could have taken Poland and wouldn't have had to face a war with the UK? (Finland had been ruled by Russia until 1918, when anti-Bolsheviks prevailed in a Finnish civil war.) Without the constant bombing by the Allies, Germany's scientists develop the atom bomb about the same time as the Americans but while the Americans have no way to deliver a bomb all the way to Germany, the Germans continue to develop their rockets and in short order have the ability to hit the .

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